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The Earth Pope and the First Church of the Last Laugh are intent on providing absolutions for the eco-sins of all humans on the planet. Through the absolution of these eco-sins each person will receive a fresh start to live in balance on this magnificent planet.


The reverend Marley B. Wailing received his Environmental Epiphany during his traumatic ordeal of being kidnapped and held hostage in Jamacia in 1997. As a senior Vice President of Global Development and extreme profit generation for the Plundermaxx Corporation at the time Marley was vacationing at one of his many exclusive beach houses when he was seized and held for ransom by a group of Arawak decendents. They demanded that Plundermaxx compensate all indiginous communities in the world who had been displaced or suffered degrading consequences and deminished quality of life where Plundermaxx had mined, clearcut and/or built chemical processing plants. A thumbnail estimate put the number of individuals impacted by western culture and especially the American way of life at over 4.5 billion people.

During his 6 months of captivity Marley was provided with information he never paid attention to as a Plundermaxx Senior Vice President. Marley had always been concerned with only the bottom line but through the patience and understanding of the Jamacian people Marley came to realize the repercussions of his actions and the actions of all Plundermaxx employees. With new-found devotion and dedication he took up the earth-based spiritual practices of the indiginous Jamacian people.

It was during this time that he was initiated into sacred tribal ceremonies where it was revealed through shamanic channeling that Marley was the reincarnation of a spanish servent girl from the middle ages who had the devine power to levitate frogs. After this discovery and his pledge to use his new powers to heal the planet the captors released Marley to demonstrate his commitment to the value of life. This 6-month experience lead Marley to liquidate his vast holdings to fund his 5-year global vision quest to the swamps of the world where he communicated with frogs and other Amphipians through levitation and psychic bonding. The global demise and continued peril that Amphibians worldwide suffer from continue to cause great anguish for Marley.

Now, as the reverend Marley B. Wailing, self defined “Earth Pope”, he has taken it upon himself to awakening all people of the world to the reality that we are eco-beings first and human beings second. The primary channel that the reverend will use to instigate this change is the unique human capacity of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves. The reverend will begin the quest of awakening the spiritual powers in all humans by removing the blockages and barriers of eco-sin by providing absolutions through his work as the earth pope in the church of the last laugh.